August 20, 2003

from the September 2003 Harpers Index:

- percentage refund that Laura Bush's office sought in June for a $15.95 children's book that it bought for a TV reading: 100

-ratio of strom thurmond's age at his death in June to the average U.S. life expectancy in the year he was born: 2:1

-number of officials who ever suggested that Iraq had nuclear weapons, according to Donald Rumsfeld in June: 0

-Year in which Dick Cheney said that his policy as CEO of Halliburton was that "we wouldn't do anything in Iraq:" 2000

-Price of the oil-field supplies sold to Iraq by two Halliburton subsidiaries during Cheney's tenure: $73,000,000

-maximum number of miles that Ford's most fuel-efficient 2003 car can drive on a gallon of gas: 36

-maximum number its 1912 Model T could: 35

-ratio of U.S. soliers killed in the 1991 Gulf War to those killed in Iraq this year: 1:1

-Amount Pat Robertson has invested in Liberian gold mining: $8,000,000


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