August 15, 2003

Fair and Balanced Friday Morning Brautigan

three poems by richard brautigan:

A Baseball Game

Baudelaire went
to a baseball game
and bought a hot dog
and lit a pipe
of opium.
The New York Yankees
were playing
the Detriot Tigers.
In the fourth inning
an angel committed
suicide by jumping
off a low cloud.
The angel landed
on second base,
causing the
whole infield
to crack like
a huge mirror.
The game was
called on
account of


The sea is like
an old nature poet
who died of a
heart attack in a
public latrine.
His ghost still
haunts the urinals.
At night he can
be heard walking
around barefooted
in the dark.
Somebody stole
his shoes.

The Moon Vs. Us Ever Sleeping Together Again

I sit here, an arch-villan of romance
thinking about you. Gee, I'm sorry
I made you unhappy, but there was nothing
I could do about it because I have to be free.
Perhaps everything would be different
if you had stayed at the table or asked me
to go out with you to look at the moon,
instead of getting up and leaving me alone with


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