July 10, 2003

Show Me Where You Keep All Your Secrets Upstairs

from Book of Changes, a book of interviews by Kristine McKenna:

Robert Frank -- "After we made Pull My Daisy, Jack Kerouac and I were being interviewed by this pompous guy on the radio. This guy kept asking pretentious questions and I could see Kerouac rolling his eyes. Finally, he just interrupted the interviewer and asked, "Did you clean your asshole today." Another thing I remember about Kerouac was his phenomenal memory. The guy could be absolutely drunk, lying on the floor at a party and a week later he'd show up having written something that included things people at the party were saying word for word. He was like a sponge. He sucked it all up and the ability to do that wasn't something he developed - he just had that. Jack was a good guy but he was difficult and his life was tragic. He was undone by fame, Catholicism and his mother - he just wasn't equipped to deal with those things."
"My central memory of Cocksucker Blues with the Rolling Stones is that they were little English boys who didn't know anything about America, especially the South. Traveling through the South they needed their black bodyguard to get them into this place where all the blacks were, and they fumbled it when they tried to score hard dope."


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