July 23, 2003

I Spent So Much Time Dreaming About Eleanor Bron

* 1999 Interview of author AM Homes (around the time 'music for torching' was published)

* Some consumers upset by Nike's purchase of Converse

* Lester Bangs on Brian Eno

* Overview of the career of director Robert Bresson

"I think in the whole world things are going very badly. People are becoming more materialist and cruel . . . Cruel by laziness, by indifference, egotism, becuase they only think about themselves and not at all about what is happening around them, so they let everything grow ugly and stupid. They are all interested in money only. Money is becoming their God. God doesn't exist for many. Money is becoming something you must live for. You know, even your astronauts, the first one who put his foot on the moon, said that when he first saw our earth, he said it was something so miraculous, so marvelous, don't spoil it, don't touch it. More deeply I feel the rotten way they are spoiling the earth. All the countries. Silence doesn't exist anymore; you can't find it. That, for me, would make it impossible to live." (Robert Bresson)


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