July 7, 2003

anselem berrigan's 12 poem chapbook they beat me over the head with a sack contains two poems using lyrics from pavement songs as titles: "heaven is a truck" and "traced out but dreaming." here is the books title poem:

They Beat Me Over the Head with a Sack

To make a short story collapse
I may not have to flatter my intentions
So acidic that I would face
This ghastly pressure draped upon my neck
That I could not imagine growing up without
A bloated discussion of fractures
Crafted in the likeness of a light flared
From my window to the roof of your apartment building
Which you climb onto
Causing your immediate eviction
& and some measureable level of suffering, thus
You ring by bell, I buzz you in
You need some rest/make yourself at home
I'm feeling noncommittal tonight myself
So very far off course
From where I could never crawl
Out of your arms
Into an old fashioned romantic delay


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