June 23, 2003

Twenty Questions About Iraq, Answered

"19. All right, but WHERE IS SADDAM?

Rumours abound. Most Iraqis seem to believe he's still alive, an idea even U.S. Central Command is beginning to grudgingly endorse. The new Baghdad newspaper al-Muajaha printed residents' ideas on the subject, including that he was driving a taxi in a Baghdad suburb, that he had fled to Russia, that he died years ago, that he was working at the power station ('that's why the electricity's going off and on without any reason') and that he is "working in a butcher shop in Thawra City [another part of Baghdad], because he can't kill people any more, so now he's killing animals.'

"20. And the weapons of mass destruction?

"Brigadier-General Ala Saeed, former head of quality control for the arms program, insisted in a London Times interview last week that Iraq really did get rid of its chemical weapons in 1994. 'Why should I lie?' he asked. 'We are free now.'"


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