June 30, 2003

may your every orgasm surpass the last!

from the sensuous man, by m. one of the "most popular" non-fiction books of 1971. in the book, the author shares with you the erotic techniques it has taken him years to learn.

one of the ways 'm' suggests meeting girls is noted as "in the museum #2:"

"stare at bizarre abstract for five minutes, then nod in judgment, poking cheek with tongue.

you: my five year old brother has a better notion of line and perspective.

she: (eyebrows raised): better than klee?

you: you don't believe me? look? (pull folded charcoal line drawing of city skyline from your coat pocket). have you ever seen such a display of sweeping vision in conjunction with a draftsman's precision...

this line may be a bit shaky unless your kid brother is in the same league as klee. but, maybe not, because she probably knows nothing about art. after all, cosmopolitan sent her to the museum to look for men, not for culture."

Among the 'general oral techniques' addressed in the chapter 'how to drive a women to ecstasy' are:

* the strawberry suckle
* the runaway pinch
* the feathery flick
* the velvet buzzsaw

Additionally, the pros and cons of orgies are presented in a simple to follow list format.

A good point about orgies: "it is wonderfully irresponsible. at an orgy, women are usually expected to protect themselves when it comes to birth control. leave your condoms at home unless the invitation specifies 'bring your own.' anyway, don't worry about pregnancy. if an orgyette does get knocked up, she'll have a hard time proving which one of the nine guys did it to her."

some cons: "you are opening yourself to blackmail," "not all the women at an orgy are particularly attractive" and you will be contributing to our country's moral decay -- and, if America falls, you will be held directly responsible."

"good luck to you," the book closes, "I've written enough, and it's time you were off somewhere doing the things I've described in The Sensuous Man. And I think its time I did the same. May your every orgasm surpass the last."

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