June 30, 2003

from Richard Brautigan's "june 30 june 30."

Taxi Driver

I like this taxi
racing through the dark streets
of Tokyo
as if life had no meaning.
I feel the same way.

Japan minus Frogs

Looking casually
through my English-Japanese dictionary
I can't find the word frog.
It's not there.
Does that mean Japna has no frogs?

Land of the Rising Sun

Flying from Japanese night,
we left Haneda Airport in Tokyo
four hours ago at 9:30pm
June 30
and now we are flying into the sunrise
over the Pacific that is on its way to Japan
where darkness lies upon the land
and the sun is hours away.
I greet the sunrise of July 1st
for my Japanese friends,
wishing them a plesant day.
the sun is on its


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