May 21, 2003

More Run For Cover Info

dc rockers band together in tribute
and parody for the second annual
R U N F O R C O V E R ! ! !

Saturday, May 24th 2003 -- 9PM
at The Warehouse Nextdoor
1019 7th St. NW (between NY Ave & L St.)
Five Dollars -- proceeds to benefit the Washington Humane Society

Featuring one-time-only performances by the Treble Kickers, Les Hott Waks, Sub Division, Motley Poo, Snowball Jackson, Booj and the DE-reVOlution, Nina and the Simones, The Torturizer, Bad Baby, Wild Gift, and Faithfully.

The Warehouse Nextdoor has a full bar, but please be aware that they take cash only, so tap that ATM before you come out. Doors open at 9PM, with performances to begin shortly thereafter -- don't be late!

[By the way, the bands listed above include tributes to: Joy Division, X, Pavement, Motley Crue, Nancy Sinatra / Lee Hazelewood, Nina Simone, DEVO, and the Cars (see if you can guess which is which!), among others.]


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