May 2, 2003

Derby Derby Derby

If you will be in Louisville tonight head out to Seidenfadin's at the corner of Breckenridge and Barrett. David Berman and Bob Nastanovich, two-thirds of the original Siver Jews line-up, will be spinning tunes and hoping folks will by them drinks, cos, as Berman stated: "the owners sure as fuck won't."

Some more on Louisville:

Smokers, drinkers and alt-country: Welcome to Kentucky!

"Hard livers enter paradise when they get to Louisville. Tobacco is the state leaf, marijuana is its largest cash crop, and Kentuckians like their Maker’s Mark bourbon. This is, after all, the birthplace of the celebrated hedonistic journalist Hunter S. Thompson. 'You can’t throw a rock in any direction without hitting a bar or liquor store,' says Bob Nastanovich, Pavement’s former multi-instrumentalist and a 10-year resident of Louisville who owns thoroughbred racehorses.

"Although a blotto-friendly lifestyle is perennial in 'the ’Ville,' youth culture comes and goes. 'After five years with not much going on here, it’s come around again,' Nastanovich says. 'There’s a vibrant band scene, you can live cheaply and you have all the time in the world. It’s definitely a good town for reprobates.'

"Nationally known natives Palace, My Morning Jacket and VHS or Beta hold triumphant homecoming gigs at Headliners. Three blocks east of Bardstown, behind the Cave Hill Cemetery, the venue is the signal tour stop for acts like Mogwai and Hank Williams III.

"Louisville abuts the Midwest but has Southern traits. It’s a sore point. Students, alt-rock scene lifers and East End preppies share one thing: No one wants to be seen as a redneck. But Nastanovich notes that Louisville offers 'a heaping helping of Southern-ness. People are sensitive about their accents, but visitors are charmed. That’s what they talk about as they pack their trunk full of booze, cigs and weed.'”


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