March 4, 2003

this weeks new yorker has an excellent piece by eric schlosser (possibly the best working investigative writer) on porn industry creator reuben sturman, whose private empire at one point during the 70s, was bringing in over $1 million a day. schlosser's story is not online (so buy the mag, if you don't subscribe), but this obit -- sturman died in jail (he was finally jailed in 1992, he escaped and was recaptured, and when he died, his movies, once seen as obscence were regularly being shown on cable television) from a las vegas paper, is.

schlosser's also has a book reefer madness: sex, drugs, and cheap labor in the american black market, coming out in may, which expands on his atlanitc monthly articles: reefer madness and marijuana and the law, both must reads for anyone concerned about the war on drugs.


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