March 4, 2003

Here is a link to a real doll, an innovative short story by a.m. homes, from her first book of short stories, "the safety of objects," about a boy who falls in love with his sisters barbie doll.

Her new book of short stories, "things you should know" contains the weirdly triumphant story "Georgica," in which a 30ish woman distributes condoms around her beachfront hometown. At night, outfitted with night-vision goggles, she scouts out fumbling lifeguards and their blond girlfriends, rushing to where they made love so she can steal their used condoms and inseminate herself.

the new book also gives us "The Former First Lady and the Football Hero," perhaps the most entertaining of the 11 stories (the book is worth buying for this story alone), Homes imagines the life of Nancy Reagan, her movie-star/world-leader husband deteriorating into a child. "N.R." determinedly marches on, inwardly crumbling to pieces, while shopping on Rodeo Drive and flirting in chat rooms. Her crush? A biker: EZRIDER69.

a writer to check out if she is unknown to you.


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