March 20, 2003

advice to a graduate: sex sells and will make you lots of money

24 year old college graduate john trani receives hooters franchise from parents as graduation present.

the sf weekley reported:

"John Trani didn't return our week's worth of calls requesting comment. But that didn't matter; it's his parents, Nick and Shirley, who are the real heroes of this tale. They put their son through college at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he became fraternity programming coordinator of the Greek Council. They encouraged John to come up with a dream business plan, with the promise that they'd help him realize it. When John suggested buying and running a Hooters, which my sources tell me is like a PG-rated, hetero-male cheerleader fantasy, plus burgers and beer, Nick and Shirley plunked down a reported quarter-million dollars to help Trani junior realize his San Francisco dream."


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