February 3, 2003

world on fire by michael brownstein, one of the best books I've read in the past year, is "an epic visionary, kaleidoscopic treatise/poem that, amazingly, attempts to make sense of and show a way through the rich madness of our time." It is an "impassioned, prophetic examination of the human and environmental consequences of transnational capitalism."

After providing numerous facts, information, and anecdotes thoughout the first 147 pages, Brownstein writes on page 148:
"Shall we continue?
Real information is interesting.
Partly because it brings up the question of why its suppressed.
Because the real information is always suppressed.
Or is 'suppressed' too harsh a word?
How about ignored?
Coveniently overlooked?
Sarcastically dismissed?........

Cell phones are not like conventional telephones, B. Blake informs us.
Children should not use them at all except in an emergency.
Cell phones can emit more radiation than the FDA allows for microwave ovens,
yet they're currently exempt from FCC regulations.
Who's making the profit on these potential time bombs?
Why aren't they held responsible for their actions?
But I forgot -- no one in particular is responsible.
Show me one corner of the corporate realm which doesn't sweep
under the carpet any evidence of harmful activity -- falsifying reports, firing whistle-blowers,
developing camouflage technology as part of their game plan.
Caught red-handed, they'll reform to a minimal degree.
Then spend much more on advertising which trumpets to the world how pure they are..."

Check it out. its full of beautiful prose and big thoughts and ideas. and published by Open City.


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