February 13, 2003

Lawsuit Seeks to Block Military Invasion of Iraq

(CNSNews.com) - Six House Democrats have filed a lawsuit intended to prevent President Bush from attacking Iraq without congressional approval. Wire reports said the six Democrats - Reps. John Conyers of Mich., Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, James McDermott of Wash., Jose Serrano of N.Y., Sheila Jackson Lee of Tex., and Jesse Jackson Jr. of Ill. - joined with several U.S. soldiers and parents of troops in filing the lawsuit in federal court in Boston Thursday. Wire reports quoted the plaintiffs' attorney John Bonifaz as saying, "A war against Iraq without a congressional declaration of war will be illegal and unconstitutional." According to Bonifaz, "It is time for the courts to intervene." Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution says, "Congress shall have power...(to) declare war," and that's the key element of the lawsuit. The lawsuit says President Bush must seek a declaration of war from Congress before launching any military invasion. A congressional resolution isn't enough, the plaintiffs said.


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