February 12, 2003

just returned from the poets against the war rally outside the white house. about 50 folks braved the cold and listened to some 15 poets and non poets read their own poems as well as poems by more famous poets. this poem was written and read by dan logan:

to end all wars

lets have a war in poetry
metaphors instead of missiles
similes, not smallpox.

lets have a war in poetry
a war of ideas
not crossed words, but cross words

for once, lets have a war
where words speak louder than actions
a war where humanity wins.

lets have a war in poetry
with powerful images of bodies
intact, land unscarred, homes preserved.

lets have an axis of alliteration
a truly civil war
not a police action for pride, but a conflict
we can be proud of.

lets have a war in poetry,
write war poems before
the war happens

and maybe, just maybe
we won't have a real
war at all.


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