February 5, 2003

a few days ago tina celona emailed me the following poem starring george w. bush:


A man climbs a hill, he is wearing short brown pants,
He has a cocked hat with a red feather,
It is my father as Young Werther.
The photograph of the poem
In which my father appears as Young Werther
Is printed on some kind of cheap hard plastic.

There was a man.
He painted stuffed otters.

Nobody paid any attention to this man
Until one day someone said,
"This is a real painting of a stuffed otter,"
And then the press got hold of it
And then the art schools
Until finally he was commissioned
To paint an otter on the wall of the Oval Office.
"I want a big one," said the President.
"Big and furry."


Tina Celona


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