December 10, 2002

love it or leave, this is where we now live

2600 the hacker quarterly is reporting that a freelance photographer was detained and arrested last week simply for taking pictures of a hotel where vp dick c. was staying. while nobody involved (the police, secret service, or hotel officials) will admit anything happened to the photographer, mike mcginnis claims that he was detained for "suspicious activities" (taking photographs), which made him a threat to national security. According to mcginnis, the SS claimed he was taking photographs not of the hotels design but in order to find weaknesses in vp dick c's security. (Remember the olympics, if you want to find the weaknesses in the SS security, just look around, likely some souvenier shopping agent will just leave the plan book laying around.) Apparently, after not admitting that he was a terrorist, the SS called him a "pinko faggot." The denver poice department claims mcginnis was never arrested.

check the link and see for yourself. doubtful the ace reporters at the NYTimes will be weighing in on this one.


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