December 17, 2002

deluded like a dixiecrat

the Post's Richard Cohen has some stong words on the trent lott situation

"Lott can apologize for this record, but he cannot change it. It is there. He can apologize for what he said about Thurmond's campaign, but he can't erase it. He cannot apologize for apologizing only when his career was on the line. He cannot apologize for being who he is, for seeing in the cratered face of the ancient Thurmond the vaunted Lost Cause instead of a racist, which is the same thing. He heard "Dixie." He should have heard Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit."

As it was with Wilbur Mills, the apparent exception turns out to be the rule. There is no looking at Lott now and not seeing the ugliness of the past just beneath the veneer of the present. He is ruined now, his face an open history book. He ought to be ousted as Senate majority leader not because of what he said that one time, but because of what he once was and may still remain -- a bigot in a Brooks Brothers suit."


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