November 11, 2002

mr. show says "every fucking day, he lies"

david cross on george bush. from nerve

So your belief that Bush will go down in history . . .
He will go down in history as the worst president. The erosion of the quality of life for people who aren't white or Christian is scary. Things are getting worse for lots of people, for most people.

What's your biggest problem with Bush?
He's a liar. Every fucking day, he lies. People should be calling him on his shit. If we were in different times, if it were his dad or Clinton or Reagan, people wouldn't let him get away with as much.

He's a liar and a criminal. A lot of what he's done in the past is criminal by his own definition, blatant lies about where he was and what he knew: his dealings with Harken Energy and what he said he was going to prosecute. He didn't make Harvey Pitt resign. He picked William Webster to be head of the FBI. It's a joke. I was no big fan of Clinton, but it took someone like Bush — with all his criminal bullshit and deregulation and his blatant politicizing and his fundraising — to make me really appreciate Clinton.


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