November 14, 2002

long list of recommendations by mr. silver jew himself (spelling errors are mr. berman's, not mine):

"More pop things I reccomend are bored:

"young criminal's starvation league" by bobby bare jr.

Roger Miller and Webb Pierce's Greatest Hits
as well as Gary Stewart's "Out of Hand" LP

short stories:Arthur Bradford "Dogwalker"(if you can get
past the completely unhelpful epigram from "Slacker")

denis johnson "the name of the world": makes me so jealous

seagram's ginger ale

Walter Benjamin "the arcades project":got this for SM for his birthday. the stoniest book of all time.

royal trux "dogs of love"ep

baby taylor acoustic guitars and kenneth koch about one out of every three books just kills. he just died. read his 50's and 60's stuff and just marvel. and his last book "addresses" is a model for how to be cool and old at once.

"gangs of new york" and "gem of the prairie" by Herbert Asbury. "lowlife" by luc sante. all three aregangland histories. lowlife is unbelievable if your into Olde New York.

Quote by woman in Kwik-Mart 2-nite. "I am a human person and I demand to be treated as one".

Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw's restaurant, Hotchicken.Com

Hegel calling Napoleon "history on horseback".

gatlinburg, TN where the fat people play.

How does a mime say "tears for fears"?
I've got a good guess.

People listen to the Scorpions whenn they feel like scorpions.

Jim Reeves is incredibly popular in the Congo and Africa in general. Frank O'Hara is beloved in Australia. This interests me.

Why is coke on the metric system and grass on the english?

Some people call community college: high school with ashtrays. It's funny but hardly true. except for ACC.

sometimes you see a beautiful girl and the thing that actually amazes you is the thought that someone actually gets to fuck her.

The Heart of Darkness is the greatest short book of all time

"Death must have been something to have been made out of us" -Laura Riding

"She fills my days with goodness and my nights with rest"
-Knut Hamsun

I love my dog Miles' band Woodchilde Masquerade.

I love 19th century slang like "harum scarum" and "mumblety peg"

Emerson:"The man must be so much that he makes all circumstances indifferent"

-Michael Burkard's poetry, read it, awesome.

-Silver Apples=Horrible Music for Horrible People

-SAT analogy= Nirvana is to Bush and Reagan is to Bush.

-I have fairly explicitly chosen art over life at least 1000 times since I was 18.

-Amazing stat: Bill Parcells was 48-0 when leading by at least 10 points after 3 quarters. That is a statistic that speaks more volumes about a man than any i've ever encountered

-In most uses the word "urban" is now precisely defined as "black" just as the word "adult" now means "x-rated".

-"Round and Round" by the Germs on "what we do is secret"
makes the top of my head burn.

-gynecoligist says "it looks like you've got acute vaginitis"
lady says"oh thank you!"

-Every Bret Easton Ellis book is fun to read except the secong half of Glamourama which was a little farfetched.
But I still lkied it overall."


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